My experience with Bikram Yoga and how this enhanced my mind and body.

Hoping you give Bikram Yoga a try! For me this experience was life changing and I can't wait to do it again!

Healthy and Energizing ingredients to add to your coffee for a productive day.

Use your cup of coffee to its fullest. Additions for a productive day / options for switching up your typical cup of coffee

Coffee Beans and Mold. What you should know about whats in your cup of coffee.

What is in your coffee? Not all beans are created equal and in this post I list companies that do test for mold.

The First Step

Hello there! First off let me start by saying welcome and let you know a little of my background and what upcoming posts will be about. My experiences in the past couple years has lead me to creating a blog to inform, help, and get feedback on various subjects: Physical Health, Environmental Solutions, Nutrition, Mental … Continue reading The First Step