About Me

Hello there!

Have a look around and explore different recipes and self care products. I enjoy remaking recipes to fit different diet restrictions. I used to be on a more restrictive diet and dearly missed having my favorite foods. I quickly found a way around my restrictions and enjoy eating healthy without compromising my heath.

I use my creativity to make my handmade Mala Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I am a strong believer in mantras and manifestation. There has been many times throughout my life when my thoughts manifested into tangible items. I like to believe this is a learned superpower. I enjoy expressing myself through these handmade items and it is my intention that these products will bring you joy and good luck.

I am an affiliate for Primal Kitchen. If you would like to show some support check out the link here and use promo code: Primal.

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