How to get the most out of your clay mask

What sets this clay mask apart from the others it its adaptability to different skin types. The clays used are diverse in minerals and the Organic Kelp power gives your skin antioxidants. I have received great feedback on how it makes your skin smooth and moisturized after they have washed it off. It seems like … Continue reading How to get the most out of your clay mask

5 Benefits to a Rejuvenating Clay Mask

1. Gentle and effective cleanser If you have sensitive skin, a clay mask can be used as an easy solution without overly drying or irritating your skin. I would recommend not allowing the clay mask to completely harden, and to make it even gentler on your skin rinse your face under the running water in … Continue reading 5 Benefits to a Rejuvenating Clay Mask

Simple Mills Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes

Ingredients: 1 1/2 Cup Simple Mills Pancake Mix 3 Eggs 2 Tbs Oil 2 Tbs Oil 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract 3 Tbs Chocolate Sauce [ preferably one with no added sugar, or just use cacao nibs] 2 Cups Organic Strawberries Maple Syrup as desired Follow directions on the back of the box. Super Simple Right?!? … Continue reading Simple Mills Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes

Tart Cranberry Orange Sauce with Maple

Indulge in holiday cranberry sauce and use maple syrup or coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar! A healthier holiday season starts with homemade delicious goodness!

Crispy Cod with Berry Salsa

The great thing about Cod is the flexibility of what you can add to it. It doesn't have much of a flavor which makes it go great with a berry sweet salsa. Cod is high in vitamin B12,  selenium, phosphorus and protein. It is also a very good source of choline as well as a good source of niacin, potassium, vitamin … Continue reading Crispy Cod with Berry Salsa