Foods to Buy Organic

We want the best for our bodies. We look for the cutest clothes, the nicest shoes, and look to find the tastiest item on the menu when we go out to eat. It has also become a trend to eat organic, and for good reason. Eating organic can limit the amount of pesticides and chemicals … Continue reading Foods to Buy Organic

How to get the most out of your clay mask

What sets this clay mask apart from the others it its adaptability to different skin types. The clays used are diverse in minerals and the Organic Kelp power gives your skin antioxidants. I have received great feedback on how it makes your skin smooth and moisturized after they have washed it off. It seems like … Continue reading How to get the most out of your clay mask

Dairy Free Peppermint Bark

The Holiday Season is HERE!! What to make for your next holiday party. Try this Dairy-free Peppermint bark. I have always looked forward to these little squares and that shinny wrapper it comes in. My stomach doesn't appreciate the foreign food though. So one year I tried to take a shot at this idea and it came out delicious. I encourage you not to give up on the things you love based on dietary restrictions.

Gluten Free Chili minus the Cheese Dogs

Winter time means making chili! and having a bit of nostalgia when you turn it into chili cheese dogs. We stay away from cheese so it is a no cheese chili dog. This dish tastes better the next day too.

Cranberry lime pie with ginger bread crust

It took me forever to find this recipe. I was having such a hard time getting inspired and I knew if I looked hard enough I would find the "needle in the haystack". The cranberry pie came out amazing and I will be making two for Christmas this year. I cut down the sugar in … Continue reading Cranberry lime pie with ginger bread crust

5 Benefits to a Rejuvenating Clay Mask

1. Gentle and effective cleanser If you have sensitive skin, a clay mask can be used as an easy solution without overly drying or irritating your skin. I would recommend not allowing the clay mask to completely harden, and to make it even gentler on your skin rinse your face under the running water in … Continue reading 5 Benefits to a Rejuvenating Clay Mask