5 Benefits to a Rejuvenating Clay Mask

Benefits Of Using A Bentonite Clay Mask:

1.Gentle and effective cleanser
If you have sensitive skin, a clay mask can be used as an easy solution without overly drying or irritating your skin. I would recommend not allowing the clay mask to completely harden, and to make it even gentler on your skin rinse your face under the running water in the shower (rather than washcloth?)
This particular blend of bentonite, Kaolin, and french green clay is gentle on sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types.
2.Promotes Collagen Production
Don’t fear the redness, embrace it!! The redness that occurs after you wash off your fully dry clay mask is all the blood coming to your face. Although you may look a little strange, the benefits of the blood flow give your skin the fuel it needs to boost your bodies natural healing abilities. Increasing the blood flow is allowing your body to boost its own collagen production, keeping your skin looking youthful and helps to retain its natural elasticity.
Disclaimer: If your skin is extremely sensitive DO wash off your clay mask about 10 minutes in while it is still semi-wet.

3.Detoxifies your skin
Kelp is high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The clays pull out impurities while the kelp powder nourishes and smooths out the skin. This is especially helpful for those with oily skin as a clay mask can help rid your complexion of excess oils without harshly stripping it of moisture. Note: Keeping a thicker layer of the mask on your face makes for a more effective detox experience.

4.Brightens and promotes healing of the skin
By pulling blood to your face, a clay mask can help give your skin back its youthful “glow.” This blood flow and the speeded healing from the vitamin C can work towards diminishing of stubborn scarring. Use it on your stomach or legs to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars and to smooth out the look of your skin.
High in antioxidants, this mineral-packed mask can help speed along the healing process of your acne scars! Vitamin C is well known for its anti-aging properties. It can help smooth out uneven skin tone and even diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5.Cleans unwanted dirt
Even before the clay masks starts drying on your skin, it begins binding with dirt and pulling it out of your pores. I have seen a major decrease in my blackheads by using this mask. It really does make a difference to use it regularly. It also can give the appearance of smaller pores & help prevent more blackheads from forming.