Mouth Watering Easy 20 Minute Salmon

This recipe is super easy to make for a quick lunch or dinner. The spices along with the coconut butter are mouth watering.



1 Fillet 8 oz Wild Caught Salmon [Vital Choice]
3 tbs Coconut Butter [Artisana]
1 tbs Grass Fed Butter [Kerry Gold Unsalted]
2 tsp Dill
1 tbs Paprika [Simply Organic]
1 tbs Cumin [365]
2 tsp Salt [Himalania]


1. Set oven to 350.

2. In an oven safe dish add in 1 tbs avocado oil and place salmon on top.

3. Put the cumin, paprika and salt on the salmon and then place the tbs spoon of butter on top and the coconut butter next.

4. Put in oven for 14 minutes and set a timer. Remove and let cool before eating.


Super simple recipe and the more you make it the faster you will get.

Tip: Do not put the coconut butter in the fridge it is much softer and easier to scoop when it’s kept in your pantry.