No green thumb? No problem! Gardening for beginners.

It can be hard to pick plants especially when your first starting off . The plants listed below are very easy to manage and will only need watering once a week. These plants are safe for cats and dogs, but I would still put them someplace they can’t reach. Pretty to look at and the spider plant and snake plant also clean your air.

What you will need:

– Plant of choice
– Pot with holes in the bottom
-Cactus soil
-Fertilizer ( optional but you’ll want to look into feeding your plants once every three months or so depending on the plant)


Snake plant ( Sansevieria trifasciata)

snake plant

Watering: Once a week / water once soil gets super dry

Placement: In a bright room and away from direct light lasting more than 6 hours. Corners of the house, hanging from the ceiling, or under a shaded patio from most of the day is usually a good spot. Temperatures between 70 and 90°F

The talking plant: If you notice the tips going brown- possibly need to re pot/ needs to be watered. If the leaves start to get wrinkly-  needs a warmer place/ Too fast temperature changes. If the ends start to shrivel or a leaf gets broken go ahead and cut it where the incident happened, Leaving the broken leaf on will just use up the plants energy it can’t repair its broken leaf but it CAN use that energy to grown another. Be sure not to over water, regardless the soil should be very dry when you want to water again. 

Re-potting: Snake plant roots are small roots so when you are re-potting be sure to be careful and not break them. Put them in well draining soil ( cactus soil) and if your pot doesn’t have drainage holes try putting small rocks in the bottom. and layer the dirt on top. 


Spider Plant ( Chlorophytum comosum)


Watering: Once a week/ water once soil gets super dry.

Placement:  Temperatures between 70 and 90°F. 

The talking plant: If the plant gets to hot it will start to “wilt” a happy plant will look like a beautiful fan, a sad one will look flat ( the plant on the left was a save from a gardening shop, and the one on the right was from a small family owned gardening place– see how voluptuous the one on the right is). Dry tips of the plant mean it isn’t getting enough water or is getting sunburn. Relocation might be necessary. 

Repotting: Spider plants have “radish” like roots. Be careful and try and keep them in tact when re-potting or splitting apart your spider plant. the roots like to go straight to the bottom of the pot so they can absorb the most water. I like to water my plants and the next day repot them so they are nice and hydrated before the shock of new space. 


Jade Plant ( Crassula Ovata)
jade plant

There are many types of jade plants all of which are similar to care for.

Watering: Once a week, once soil gets dry.  

Placement: In a bright room preferably away from direct sunlight that lasts more than 6 hours.  Hanging from the ceiling or in a tall pot is preferred because this plant will hang over the edges. 

The Talking Plant: There is a variety of different succulent ” diseases” but if your keeping an eye on your plant at least once a week you can catch it in time to save your plant. If the leaves start to get too much sun they will look burnt on the ends. If the plant starts to turn a purple color its is just cold, no need to warm it sometimes this is its ” not growing” phase and that’s o.k.

Repotting: Jade plants grow the best in spring and fall months. Taking clippings from it are fairly easy to propagate. Jade plants usually have one or two “stalks” that will turn a brown color where as all the other shoots will be green in color. If you let it grow without clipping it will hang over the edge and start putting roots in the soil along different parts of the stalk. You can propagate by gently removing a leaf or by clipping it at one of the ” fusion points”. Super durable plant and so beautiful to look at.


Hope this encourages you to start your own indoor garden. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.



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