Healthy and Energizing ingredients to add to your coffee for a productive day.

If your getting bored with the usual options of cream and sugar in the morning here are 5 healthy alternatives to add to your cup that will optimize the benefits you are getting.

Mushroom Cacao Latte Blend

This is one of my FAVORITE and most delicious items to add to my coffee in the morning. Made with Organic raw cacao, Five wild mushrooms, Maca root, Astragalus Root, Cardamon, Coconut sugar, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Vanilla. Add a tablespoon or more into your coffee every morning for a delicious boost or vitamins and minerals. You can also mix this with hot water for a less caffeinated morning or afternoon drink.

Coco Butter

If you enjoy creaminess in your coffee this is a healthy alternative. Coco butter is full of Vitamin E and K. It is high in good fats and has a long shelf life of 2-5 years ( so you wont have to stress about using it in a timely fashion). Its high concentration of antioxidants: oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid help aid in the quality of your body and skin and gives a boost to your immune system. Make sure you find coco butter from a reliable source and make sure on whatever you get that the only ingredient is coco butter.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Are you a fan of Chai Tea?!? I would highly recommend adding this to your coffee if your answer was yes. If you do your coffee bulletproof style like me, add 1 to 2 drops before you blend. Add a bit extra coco butter too to make it creamy. You can pick whichever brand you like ( we use doterra)  just make sure it is food-grade ( edible), organic, and undiluted.  Cinnamon essential oil has such great benefits: Has been shown to help lower blood pressure by helping to prevent sugar cravings, Is also known to heal and sooth a sore throat when you are sick by fighting inflammation. My little boy of 2 years loves this stuff and drinks it just as fast as his juice. Be sure to use precaution with essential oils, they are very strong and can make some people sick. Less is always more with essential oils so resist getting carried away.


Yes you read that correct, EGGS! My fiance has to sneak this in sometimes because the thought of it still grosses me out a bit. Add one raw, free range and cage free egg to your coffee in the morning . You are going to need a good blender for this. Once you blend your coffee in a blender there is no turning back to the spoon stirring method. The egg makes it creamy and for me, cuts the bitterness out of the coffee making it not even taste like coffee. Add some of the mushroom mix I mentioned earlier and enjoy your new found cup of bliss.





One thought on “Healthy and Energizing ingredients to add to your coffee for a productive day.

  1. lakelu says:

    The egg…oh my gosh. HAVE YOU GUYS SECRETLY EGGED IT BEFORE. Is that what it was. Is that the secret ingredient to why my version of Bulletproofs couldn’t be replicated?!

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