Sugars that are good for you! Yes! they exist!

Before I begin to explain, I want to refresh your memory and give you some info on sugars you may have not even heard of:

Xylitol, Erythritol, Sorbitol.

These “sugars” listed above are known as sugar alcohols, there is a few not listed here. These sugar alcohols effect your body differently but still gives you the sweet taste you like.

So whats the true difference between refined sugars/ unrefined sugars and sugar alcohols?

Refined and Unrefined Sugars

  •  No nutritional value, no vitamins, no minerals, empty calories, feeds bad bacteria in your mouth which causes cavities.
  • Slows down brain function. DO NOT have sugar first thing in the morning!! Have it( sugar alcohol treats later in the day , remember the meal dessert, YES do that!)
  • When we eat these sugars our body converts them into glucose and fructose. Glucose is already in our bodies and if we need more of it our bodies will make it. Fructose, our bodies do not produce. To much fructose is hard on your liver and can lead to disease.
  • Artificial sweeteners are more harmful. ( Sucralose and aspartame ).
  • Having to much fake sugar/ unrefined sugar can make your body resistant to insulin, leading to more illnesses.
  • Can lead to cancer.
  • It can be VERY ADDICTIVE. Ever met someone who says they can’t live without their sweets. This is why.


Sugar Alcohols

  • An alternative for diabetics. Sugar alcohols do not spike insulin as your body processes them differently than other sugars.
  • Xylitol has been shown to strengthen your teeth!
  • They contain no alcohol and no sugar. Confusing I know, their name is misleading. They get the name because the cellular structure looks like a mix of sugar and alcohol.
  • They are present in foods already. Xylitol for example is commonly extracted from birch wood. Tip: depending on the brand your getting it can be from corn, plants, or trees do research to make sure the source they are taking from is a safe one.
  • Because they are not fully absorbed (not a bad thing) and pass through the body easily, they may act as a laxative especially if you eat to much. They are sweeter than regular sugars and you will need about half the amount you would normally use.
  • Start out small with this stuff, to much in one sitting can upset your stomach. Over time your body should adjust so don’t get discouraged. This is a way healthier alternative.
  • Your body processes them differently and will not give you a rush or a crash. They do not set off sensors in your brain that influence addiction. 


In conclusion, sugar alcohols are the best route to go especially if your trying to take control of your eating if you are hooked on sweets.

There is sodas with stevia, desserts, Gum, and a variety of other products and recipies you can use and substitute in sugar alcohols.


Here is brands I recommend. They can be a bit pricey but they are worth it. Not only are they better for your health but they do not damage your body like the other sugars you use. Your health is important! Also you don’t need to use much of it, trust me a little goes a long way.

Xyla and Erythritol

Xylitol  Natural Traders Co.

When choosing a good brand make sure the source is reliable. The ones I listed above are derived in North America, GMO free, and they have no other added ingredients. Make sure they are not derived from China. I also want to mention stevia as an option. Stevia is my second favorite, xylitol being the first. Stevia falls under a different category than refined sugars or sugar alcohols and is another healthy option and should be used in moderation like the sugar alcohols.


One thought on “Sugars that are good for you! Yes! they exist!

  1. lakelu says:

    WOW! You totally re-vamped your blog. I’m in love and impressed by it. The pictures grabbed my attention and many of the topics look interesting. I had no idea Xylitol and these other sugars were good for you. Luckily there is Stevia in my option when I need to sweeten dat coffee! Thanks for this post. ^_^

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