Coffee Beans and Mold. What you should know about whats in your cup of coffee.

Not all beans are created equal!

These wonderful creations exhibit extraordinary health benefits. What I never realized until I started bio hacking my way of living is that not all beans are created equal. I drank any coffee I could get my hands on. Not only did I not realize there is different qualities of coffee but I didn’t care to know what was in it.  It wasn’t until I stated getting sick, jittery , and anxious that I had to step away and find other ways to get my productivity flowing. I was afraid to go back to coffee because I didn’t like the way it made me feel in the past. It was a dark time in my life until I was informed about mycotoxins. I am happy to announce I am back on the “Coffee Wagon” and couldn’t be happier!! Find coffee that makes you feel amazing and adds to your health.

Mycotoxins are mold produced by micro fungi that can cause humans and animals to get sick. There are many different kinds of mycotoxins but the two most common found in coffee are Aflatoxin B1 and Ochratoxin A.  This fungi can cause the negative effects you get from coffee and can even lead to death (melodramatic I know). I encourage you to look this mold up for yourself as this article is brief and to the point.


In an effort to avoid as much of this mold as possible. Keep in mind there is good and bad mold. The ones I am focusing on are the bad ones as they can be detrimental to your health and keep you from functioning at your optimal capacity. Stay away from decaffeinated coffee because the caffeine is meant to protect the bean, by taking this away you are actually downgrading the benefits of the coffee bean. Pick beans that are un-blended, it is hard sometimes to figure out where all the beans came from and therefor you could be inviting the unwanted contaminants into your body.

Also make sure any additions you are putting into your coffee is a good choice. Caffeine has been shown to help your body in various ways, but by adding bad additives to your coffee it is going to diminish its effects. I will be doing a post in the future and linking it to this one. Don’t worry I got you covered!


Buy beans that have no mold.

YUP Coffee beans can have mold. Ever wonder why some coffee makes you sick, this could be the factor. But do not worry I will provide you with a list of “Mold Free/ Mycotoxin Free” coffee companies for you to try!

  1. Bulletproof Coffee
  2. Rogers Family Company
  3. Byron bay Coffee Co


I know what your thinking, There is only three companies!?!? I am still searching for more and will add more soon. If you happen to live in Europe I believe you will have a better chance finding more local brands that test their coffee. Regulations there are much more supported there than here in the US.