5 Life hack toys for entertaining a toddler.

Having a rambunctious toddler can be hard work. These are some items and hacks I have stumbled upon and I wish I would have known about them sooner. Hope your little one likes them!

Toddler toys must have


Crayola Color Wonder-

These are amazing and if you haven’t heard of them trust me this is a must have. I must have been through 10 coloring books before I found these and until my little man learns to only color in books I will be a return customer. These special coloring books come with markers that only work on the books paper. Say BYE BYE to markers and pens on your furniture, desk, and toddler. Only downside is you have to make sure the caps are put on tightly when they are done coloring. If your looking for a deal purchase online or wait for them to go on sale at a store closest to you.


In particular I want to direct you toward their bath toys. If you toddler is a “water child” check this company out. Mine has an obsession with the water running when he is taking a bath. This can get expensive and not Eco-friendly so as a solution I bought their Flow ‘n’ Spill Spout. This nifty device take 3 AA batteries and has a button you can turn on and off that flows the water from the bathtub into the spout. No need for running water from the faucet anymore, such a great solution.

Mega Bloks ” First builders”-

I got these as a gift and I am very happy I did. Not only are these blocks easy to handle but they go together easily and come apart just as easy. Perfect for your little mini to express and create towers without much frustration like I have experienced with other block like toys. I will not be adding a link because I want to give you the option to look them up for yourself as there is a lot of toys they offer, and a lot of sights and locations you can get them. The ” First Builders” is the ones I have for my little one.

B Toys

Their Weee-mote cars are one of my top picks. It comes with 1 button remote to operate. Super easy for your little one to figure out, just a push of a button!! The only thing negative I would say is my little man got frustrated because he didn’t understand if he pushed the button once it would go straight and another press made the cars spin in a circle. Other than that an overall great toy for your little one to gain independence and have fun. Also this toy works best on tile, so if your house is all carpet I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

Step 2 

For outdoor activity sets this sight has a wide variety to choose from. The “Duck pond water table” was gifted on my little boys 1st birthday and he still enjoys playing in it. Fill it with water, sand, dirt, or even rocks. it comes with some toys and will keep your little one laughing and splashing in the water.

Hope this post was helpful to you, please share if it was!



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