The First Step

Hello there!

First off let me start by saying welcome and let you know a little of my background and what upcoming posts will be about.

My experiences in the past couple years has lead me to creating a blog to inform, help, and get feedback on various subjects: Physical Health, Environmental Solutions, Nutrition, Mental Heath, Fitness, Books, Personal Growth, and a multitude of miscellaneous tricks and helpful tips. I am by no means an expert so considering myself one would be very presumptuous. However, I love learning from an unbiased point of view and enjoy fully exploring and researching the desired subject I want to focus on. I test things on myself and highly encourage you to do the same and see what results you have. I am also very close to launching my own skincare line quaintly named Melior Vitae which means “better life”. I want this blog to go with the theme of helping people reach their best lives.